Textile Commissions


Autumn in Drumrunie


This piece was commissioned to celebrate the birthday of a local resident, whose house nestles beneath Coigach’s famous mountains. I so enjoyed using pink and orange together, with the print marks of local plants adding to the texture and creating a harmony out of the autumn splendour of this part of the world.


drumrunie in autumn commission


Northern Shores


I was delighted to hear from a loyal customer that he had just bought a house near Kinlochberbie.  And so he commissioned me to make both a view of his house and of the nearby, spectacular, beach at Oldshoremore.  The two pieces will furnish this new house and on the darkest of days in the winter, should remind him of the glories of summer, when the north west highlands are full of yellow and brilliant blues.


Oldshoremore Achriesgill




suilven sacha

Suilven, for Sasha


This panel was made as a birthday present for one of the many climbers for whom Suilven has a special place in their hearts.


The composition (100cm x 130 cm) was based on the view of the mountain from Ledmore, just to the north of Elphin, with the Ledmore river winding its way towards Cam Loch. 


The client requested that I use the burnt orange of the bracken and old heather that is found on the slopes of the low hills.  To this I added the range of faded yellows and gold found in the wide variety of grasses that are found on the flood plain of the river.  And, of course, the unmistakable silhouette of Suilven stands proud above it all.












Achnahaird Sunset


commissions Achnahaird Sunsereal


This was an enormous commission - 2.5 metres by 0.75 metres. Enormous in size and, I hope, in terms of success.  It was commissioned by a woman from London who has happy memories of sitting outside her tent on the old campsite, on the dunes at the back of Achnahaird beach, watching the sun set behind the brooding mountains of - left to right - Canisp, Suilven, Cul Mor, Stac Pollaidh, Cul Beag and the Ben Mor Coigach range.  A little artistic license allowed me to include the beach, as if you could see it from the top of Achnahaird Brae. 






Uallach na Mara

(The Burden of the Sea)


This is a romantic interpretation of a phrase favoured by the client, who lives at Ardmair Bay, the beautiful sweep of beach just north of Ullapool. 


I chose to find the positive in the word ‘burden’, imagining the sea full of herring, with shoals of them regularly finding their way into the nets of the fisherman of the west coast.  The boat is white and ‘gold’, giving it the status of a precious object, the source of plenty in the fisherman’s life.  And I particularly enjoyed writing this beautiful phrase – Uallach na Mara – over and over again on the fabric that turned into the bountiful sea. 









Climbing Cul Mor


This large embroidered textile collage was created for a regular hill climber from London, whose favourite mountain happens to be Cul Mor. This is a subject I know well, given that our house looks on to the mountain and is named after it too. As well as the opportunity to depict the huge but gentle presence of the mountain (and its little sister, Cul Beag, peeking over its shoulder) the commission gave me an opportunity to show the slow and lazy route that both the road and the burn take as they wend their way through Elphin village.






Some large textile panels and a good selection of small framed embroideries are available all year round through..


- Ceard, Ullapool (2020 opening from 29th June)  For daily opening times see Ceard's Facebook page


- The Alchemist Gallery, Dingwall


- and on a seasonal basis through Achiltibuie Artists


Open Studio 2020

Jan's Studio in Elphin is open to visitors between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm every day except Tuesdays between July 15th and October 21st.

To arrange a private viewing please email Jan or telephone 01854 666279 to arrange a time.

Visit the Open Studio / Location  page for more details.


marine gallery0002

Card Shop


To see the full range please scroll down.



Step Ladders Cards


Step Ladders

Step Ladders Cards

Pack of 4 square format (15cm * 15cm) cards. Envelopes included

Price : £10 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 112



Honeysuckle Bird Cards


Honeysuckle Bird

Honeysuckle Bird Cards

Pack of 4 large format (15cm * 21cm A5) cards. Envelopes included

Price : £10 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 111




Pink Honesty Cards


Pink Honesty

Pink Honesty Cards

Pack of 4 square format (15cm * 15cm) cards. Envelopes included

Price : £10 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 110



Pink Ash Cards


Pink Ash

Pink Ash Cards

Pack of 4 large format (15cm * 21cm A5) cards. Envelopes included

Price : £10 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 109




Eco Print Cards


Eco-print cards 1 Eco-print cards 2
Eco-print cards 3 Eco-print cards 4

Eco-print Cards

Pack of 2 Eco-print greetings cards with recycled paper envelopes. Blank insert hand-stitched using naturally-dyed thread. Approximate size 15cm x 14 cm. NB The very nature of this technique means that each card print is unique. The cards you receive will be of the same quality as those photographed, but the plant-printed images will not be the same.

Price : £10 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 108




Assynt Mountains


Assynt Mountains 1 Assynt Mountains 2
Assynt Mountains 3 Assynt Mountains 4

Assynt Mountains

Pack of 4 textile design greetings cards with envelopes. Blank inside. Large format (15cm x 15cm). Matt finish.

Price : £10 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 107






textile dwelling1 textile dwelling2
textile dwelling3 textile dwelling4


Pack of 4 textile design greetings cards with envelopes. Blank inside. Large format (15cm x 15cm). Matt finish.

Price : £10 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 101




Somewhere Ardmair


Somewhere-Ardmair-I Somewhere-Ardmair-V
Somewhere-Ardmair-VI Somewhere-Ardmair-III

Somewhere Ardmair

Pack of 4 textile design greetings cards with envelopes. Blank inside. Large format (15cm x 15cm). Matt finish.

Price : £10 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 102




Birch Moon


Birch Moon I

Birch Moon

Pack of 10 textile design greetings cards with envelopes. Blank inside. A6 format. Matt finish.

Price : £15 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 104



Winter Willow Croft


xmas solstice square

Winter Willow Croft

Pack of 10 textile design greetings cards with envelopes. Blank inside. Large format (15cm x 15cm). Matt finish.

Price : £20 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 105



Winter Solstice (2 design pack)


Winter Solstice 2
Winter Solstice 1

Winter Solstice

Pack of 10 textile design greetings cards (5 of each design) with envelopes. Blank inside. A6 format. Matt finish.

Price : £15 (incl P&P, UK only), Ref : 103




Horsetail MoonIn and Out the Garden


I live in the wildest of landscapes. Our garden, which we have created from an acre patch of rough hill pasture, only blossoms because it is separated from the wilderness by the thinnest veil of mesh fencing, keeping out the deer, sheep and rabbits who eat the rest of the hillsides until they are bald.

We are now several years on from planting hundreds of trees and the air is filled with birds all year round. Most mornings, my first step outside the door is to feed these birds. Then I go up the back to the washing line and as I hang each garment, I get glimpses of the various mountains – Suilven, Cul Mor, Canisp, Ben More Assynt – through the reaching branches of all the young trees.

After breakfast, Brian goes up to the vegetable garden to do whatever seasonal jobs are on the go and I walk down the drive to my studio. For most of the year, we spend almost all of our time out of the house, taking tea breaks out of the way of the wind, on whichever bench is getting the sun, making end-of-the-day bonfires, watching the small happenings in our surprisingly lush garden.

This gallery of work reflects an on-going process of observation of this humble domestic environment, which is loved by me, Brian and all the small creatures who have made their home here.








Please click on an image to see the full picture.


mixed media flowerTextile Wildflower Meadow (detail)

As part of the 2009 Ullapool Community Textile Exhibition (organised by the Macphail Centre), I produced an installation that was part wild meadow, part mowed lawn.  I made a number of wild flowers out of fabric, paper, wire, ribbons and small haberdashery. Amongst the flowers portrayed were flag iris, marsh orchid, oxeye daisy and field scabious. I was pleased that, when placed within a real meadow, they looked most at home!

mixed media flower2


Flying Visitors

These little figures were made from grass, paper and feathers and appeared perched on a fence which was part of an installation representing the boundary of my garden.




Assynt Sutras


This is my fifteenth year of living in Assynt. Each year, my relationship with the landscape grows deeper: as I tread familiar paths in and around my village; as I scan the same horizon in every weather condition; as I watch each season come and go. Last year I took some time out to learn a bit more about the geology of the area and this has increased my understanding of the underlying character of the land and of the powerful forces that have shaped the skeletal mountains and formed the peaty moors that are carved through with inky black lochs.

This collection of work is a search for the essential nature of Assynt, exploring its deep past and the impact of the more recent and fragile presence of its human population. The word ‘Sutra’ is from the ancient language of Sanskrit, and originally meant a thread. It is commonly used to describe a story or aphorism containing an essential truth. The modern word ‘suture’ is used to describe a seam: the stitching or binding together of a form.

During September 2015 a selection of these works was exhibited at the Ceilidh Place, Ullapool. As I continue to explore and expand on this theme, new works will be added.

Work on a related theme can be seen on the The Fabric of the Land page.


Please click on an image to see the full picture.



From Source to Sea


I would like to live

Like a river flows,

Carried by the surprise

Of its own unfolding.


John O’Donohue, Irish philosopher and former monk


Water takes on many forms, as it tumbles its way from mountain top to ocean. Assynt, the region of North West Scotland where I live, is veined with peaty burns and puddled by hundreds of fish-filled lochs. And where the land meets the sea, the pattern of rock and pool is intricate as lace.

There is a great deal of life to be found at the edge of the land. Here, the birds paddle and parade, picking their way through the flotsam and jetsam cast ashore by each high tide. I find that I have no awareness of time when looking out to sea, but become hypnotised by the rhythmic movement of the waves and by the elusive nature of the horizon.


Please click on an image to see the full picture.





Marine Gallery


The following works were part of an exhibition held at the Ceilidh Place, Ullapool, during the autumn of 2016.  I shared the space, and the theme, with Glasgow-based mural artist and illustrator Chelsea Frew.


Goose Barnacles textile

Goose Barnacles      120cm x 110cm  was £900, now £450


Urchin I (detail) textile

Urchin I (detail)      110cm x 110cm  Sold


Urchin II (detail) textile

Urchin II      120cm x 90cm  Sold


Cast textile

Cast      55cm x 150 cm  £750


The Pull of the Sea

The Pull of the Sea      105cm x 120cm  was £900, now £450


marine gallery001

Stacs I, II and III  (Tryptich)          Each panel approx 55cm x 145 cm  Sold


marine gallery002

Sea Garden     65cm x 135cm    Sold                                         The Blue Boat      55cm x 140 cm Sold


marine gallery003

Ebb      110cm x 105 cm   Not for Sale


marine gallery004

Star     125cm x 110cm was £750, now £500



Husk     65cm x 135cm  Sold


         Moon Jelly I      47cm x 150cm £650                                                          Moon Jelly II       50cm x 150cm     £650

                             buy both for only £800                         



Kelp     55cm x 155cm  was £750, now £600



Coming up in 2020

Although I do not have a solo or joint exhibition this year, I was to have taken part in two group exhibitions. The first was called "Trees Meet Sea", and was a mixture of visual art and poetry.  Mandy Haggith has recently been Poet in Residence at Inverewe Gardens, Wester Ross and she had invited artists working in a wide range of mediums to respond to one of her many poems on the theme of trees.  The work was then to have been exhibited, alongside the poems, at the Sawyer Gallery, Inverewe, starting on Wednesday the 29th of April 2020. This was a natural collaboration for me, since native trees already feature strongly in my work. Unfortunately, this exhibition has now been cancelled becasue of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The second was called "50 at 50" and was to be a celebration of 50 years since the opening of The Ceilidh Place, which is at the centre of Ullapool's culture and cafe scene. 50 artists who have exhibited there in the past were to submit one piece of work, making for a lively and varied show.  This was to have opened on Friday 23rd of May 2020, but has been postponed until 2021.


The Moving BoundaryCrossing Borders: Breaking Boundaries    

The fine art and craft of five textile artists    

10th - 15th September  2019      Nairn Court House

I am delighted to join four other textile artists: Suzie Alexander, Becs Boyd, June Hyndman and Alison King, in presenting an exhibition of contemporary textile art as part of the annual Nairn Book and Arts Festival which, this year, features a lecture by Clare Hunter, who will talk about her celebrated  book, 'Threads of Life', on Sunday 15th September.  Clare is also facilitating a community textile project in the course of the festival and the results will be on display alongside the exhibition.







exhibitions poster3 The Fabric of the Land        28th August - 4th October 2018

"Fabric of the Land” is a thrilling collection of landscape-inspired work by North West Highland artists Jan Kilpatrick and Mairearad Green.

The raw wilderness of Assynt is a recurring theme in the rich textiles hand-printed and stitched by Jan Kilpatrick. This new work has an increased emphasis on the primitive print marks to be made using indigenous plants and minerals, making for imagery powerfully rooted in her sense of place. Mairearad says: “Jan has created a unique language of the land through her use of experimental textile techniques. I find layer upon layer of meaning in her work, which maps the journey of this land through deep time all the way to the present.”

Mairearad Green is an artist who embraces a range of creative mediums and this collection of paintings marks her emergence as a spirited and accomplished visual artist. Her West Coast heritage calls loud from these energetic, yet sensitive depictions of Coigach, Assynt and beyond. Jan says: “Mairearad’s intimate relationship with this rugged land, its moody seas and the huge windblown skies above makes for work that is full of expression and movement that both quicken and gladden the eye.”

This isn’t the first time that the two have collaborated – some of the songs on Mairearad’s “Summer Isles” album were co-written – and it certainly won’t be the last. 2019 will see them exhibit together again, alongside acclaimed Glasgow mural artist Chelsea Frew, in response to a residency at world-renowned Inverewe Gardens.

“Fabric of the Land” is on show at the Ceilidh Place, Ullapool (café and the Green Room) between the 28th of August and the 4th of October 2018.

www.jankilpatrick.co.uk                                        www.mairearadgreen.co.uk



exhibitions posterDecember 2016   Under the Arbour

(Joint Exhibition)

Small embroidered textiles. Also showing is a selection of small handcrafted furniture by David Young.


The Macphail Centre, Ullapool

 25th November to 23rd December 2016

Admission Free.







marine poster homeAutumn 2016   Marine

(Joint Exhibition) 

Large embroidered textiles on the theme of the sea. Also showing, drawings by Mural Artist Chelsea Frew.


20th September - 5th November. Open all day every day. Admission free.

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool 














exhibitions1December 2015 Enchanted Wood

(Joint Exhibition)

Small embroidered textiles. Also showing is a selection of small handcrafted furniture by David Young.

The Macphail Centre, Ullapool 





Assynt SutrasSept 2015 Assynt Sutras

(Solo Exhibition)

Large embroidered textiles and small framed images of the Assynt landscape.

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool 





 The Spirit of TreesDec 2014  The Spirit of Trees

(Joint Exhibition)

Small embroidered textiles. Also showing is a selection of small handcrafted furniture by David Young.

The Macphail Centre, Ullapool



Outreach ExhibitionJuly - Aug 2014 Outreach Exhibition 

Sat July 19th - Sun Aug 31st 2014 

(An Talla Solais Members' Show)

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool






In the Garden with FriendsApril 2014  In the Garden with Friends

(Group Exhibition)

The Bield, Perthshire  



SmallscapesDec 2013  Smallscapes

(Solo Exhibition)

The Macphail Centre, Ullapool



Sing a Song of StitchesDec 2012  Sing a Song of Stitches

(Solo Exhibition)

The Macphail Centre, Ullapool  








The Highlands of Scotland is a sparsely populated region, with those who live there gleaning an income from the few jobs that the resources can provide.  The huge scale of this landscape contributes to the visual impression that  human beings are a tiny and passing presence, with each dwelling making its own distinct but very modest impact on the face of the land.  This gallery is both a celebration of the indomitable spirit of those dwellers, but also a recognition that, up here, nature is still the controlling force.


Please click on an image to see the full picture.


Tallscapes and Smallscapes


All the work on this page is original textile wall art, hand dyed, printed and stitched  by Jan Kilpatrick. These tall and small ‘scapes’ are unframed and organic in shape, with the edges burned, fringed or left raw to the cut.  Each has a felt backing, is light in weight and is as easy to hang as any picture, being supplied with a hanging device already fitted to the back.  The price includes postage and packaging to any UK address.  If you live elsewhere, please enquire first for a P&P quotation.

An acknowledgement of your payment will be sent automatically and the work will be posted within seven days.

Customer Reviews >>    

This page was last updated 7th August 2020.

Any new work will be added to the gallery on a Friday.

Customer Reviews


The latest treasure and cards arrived today. Your choice of colour and stitching are really spectacular - I am sorely tempted to keep this one but my friend will be equally overwhelmed by your artistry.

EA, Perthshire, June 2020

Thank you for this wonderful piece of original textile art.  The photograph did not do justice to the exciting textures and subtle marks to be found in the real thing.  I will keep visiting the gallery in anticipation of buying my next 'Jan Kilpatrick'.

LF, Ayrshire, May 2020

Little 'Shining Wren' arrived safely yesterday and it's just beautiful. We're thrilled with it! Many thanks also for the inclusion of the two lovely cards - both very much appreciated. 

CG, Black Isle, May 2020

I am so chuffed with my new hanging, it is just wonderful.    It makes quite a statement on my wall and there is so much detail to see up close. Again, thanks for all your work and for the cards also

LE, Aberdeen, June 2020

Just wanted to say the hanging arrived this evening in the post - we love it!  Thank you so much. And appreciate the cards in the package too.

LD, Back Isle, May 2020

The Fabric of the Land


Please click on an image to see the full picture.




biogearth, textile landscape by Jan Kilpatrick


"The animals are more ancient than us... They enjoy a seamless presence - a lyrical unity with the earth... Somewhere in the Celtic mind was a grounding perception that humans are the inheritors of this deeper world. Indeed in the human heart is somehow gathered some of the biography of the earth."

from "Anam Cara",
by John O'Donohue 


Coigach IBiography of the Earth

(after reading Anam Cara, by John O'Donohue)


Sift and turn,

Sift and turn.

Through blackened sun

on the pages of his book

a word

glances. Then another.

A mining light picks

each mineral thought.


Now they lie gathered

In my hand's eye


in unthinking chronology.

Yes, these are precious extractions:

words of crystal clarity,

small windows

looking into

the biography of the earth.


Jan Kilpatrick, the Summer Isles, July 2013 


sun in suilven


".. its as if this landscape were suddenly  to become aware  of the existence of its own elements -  possessive rock, possessing  only itself: huge lumbering sea -  that fat-fingered lacemaker who,  by sitting on shells, gives them  their shapes: mountains  reaching half way to somewhere or other: "



From "Waiting to Notice",

by Norman MacCaig







LittleoakThe Spirit of Trees

This collection was started for an exhibition of work at the Macphail Centre, Ullapool, in December 2014 and entitled "The Spirit of Trees".  The theme was inspired by the work of David Young, who lives a few miles inland of Ullapool.  He makes beautiful organic furniture out of the ancient and windblown trees from the garden of his house, which is the old manse of Clachan, Lochbroom.  The contrast between the textures of the embroideries and the grain and polish of the wood made for a lovely, balanced, exhibition and we both sold many pieces. 

This exhibition was such a success that we exhibited together again in December 2015 under the title of "Enchanted Wood" and in December 2016 under the title of "Under the Arbour".

Of course, this theme is one to which I will return again and again, inspired by the myth-laden woods of Perthshire, where I used to live, and by some sites closer to home, such as the arboretum at Leckmelm, the community woodland at Little Assynt and by my own garden, which is full of brave little trees that are making a young wood of themselves.  And so, like those trees,  this collection of work will continue to grow and grow.










Please click on each image to see the full picture.



Email : jan@wildtiles.co.uk    Tel : 01854 666279,   Postal Address : Jan Kilpatrick, Cul Mor, Elphin, By Lairg, Sutherland, IV274HH.  
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