The Fabric of the Land


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biogearth, textile landscape by Jan Kilpatrick


"The animals are more ancient than us... They enjoy a seamless presence - a lyrical unity with the earth... Somewhere in the Celtic mind was a grounding perception that humans are the inheritors of this deeper world. Indeed in the human heart is somehow gathered some of the biography of the earth."

from "Anam Cara",
by John O'Donohue 


Coigach IBiography of the Earth

(after reading Anam Cara, by John O'Donohue)


Sift and turn,

Sift and turn.

Through blackened sun

on the pages of his book

a word

glances. Then another.

A mining light picks

each mineral thought.


Now they lie gathered

In my hand's eye


in unthinking chronology.

Yes, these are precious extractions:

words of crystal clarity,

small windows

looking into

the biography of the earth.


Jan Kilpatrick, the Summer Isles, July 2013 


sun in suilven


".. its as if this landscape were suddenly  to become aware  of the existence of its own elements -  possessive rock, possessing  only itself: huge lumbering sea -  that fat-fingered lacemaker who,  by sitting on shells, gives them  their shapes: mountains  reaching half way to somewhere or other: "



From "Waiting to Notice",

by Norman MacCaig






When the Snows Left


assyntsutras by by textile landscape artist Jan Kilpatrick

When the snows left,

Their bodies were everywhere.

Longer than life, they stretched -

Ley lines,

Crossing startled fields,

Moulding strange contours.


We walked a lot,

With boots like strangers to our feet.

I looked left and

Right enough,

There they were again –

Plated-up on rocks,

Lozenged in gaps and dyke-encrusted.

Oh, sweet parcel of grass,

Brown bundle of protein,

Fast food of the sky gods and

Scourge of the crofter!

More weeks have passed,

But no one came to the feast.

Now the sealed tomb of January is unlocked

And the spring’s ragged weather drives in and on.

Yet the fur-fringed,

Freeze-framed rabbits are still there:

A compost of memory.


bonecaves, landscape textiles by Jan KIlpatrick

A Night in the Bone Caves

Imagine sitting so long that the wind-blown dust forms a crystal garland around your feet.

Imagine pulling up green thoughts to lay over the white cold that sits within your bones.

Imagine the hope in the stars as they pulse and return your gaze.

Imagine another morning and the crown of the sun.

Imagine finding that, with a stretch of your toes, you can touch that sun.

Imagine your step as you cross that threshold for the last time.








Textile Landscape Art: Working with nature and natural dye and printing techniques.

Email :    Tel : 01854 666279,   Postal Address : Jan Kilpatrick, Cul Mor, Elphin, By Lairg, Sutherland, IV274HH.

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